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2021 Pinot Noir Blanc (AUS)



Brassy, rose-gold with a faint green hue and a platinum fleck, mica-like shimmer catches the eye.

Lots happening on the nose: dusty river rock minerality, rose petals, Turkish delight, slight wild herbs, and a hint of sourdough mother but more brioche than that. There is a risqué bouquet of rouge compact and red-hot lipstick entwined with ripe golden queen peaches and musk sticks.  It’s evocative and multi-dimensional, so many layers evolving and changing as it readies itself in the glass.

The intensity on the palate impresses and it moves you in another direction: dry and savoury but full of textural depth. The interplay between acid and phenolics reminds you of that attribute in fine Nebbiolo, that leads to complex florals, particularly roses but some cherry blossom adding sedimentary depth. You cannot escape the musk, with a hint of cinnamon apricot kernel. The finish is long and dry with a distinctive crunch on the exit. It’s edgy yet resolved, exciting yet calm, almost like the grip of a sea anemone on your finger.

Food: It is simply delicious on its own. However, a winner when paired with a slab of Stewart Island Salmon, smoked on toast with a dab of caviar - perhaps kedgeree for the second course.

2021 Pinot Noir Blanc (AUS)

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