Bridget Jones and Rebecca Gibb, MW

By Andrew Donaldson
Bridget Jones and Rebecca Gibb, MW
Why would I ever promote a pair of reviews where both our wines scored less than 90 points?  Particularly when they are about a contender for the best vintage we've released to date.  It's a fair question but my response is that this points business is no science - and neither it should be.  In fact, after taking a few brickbats along with our share of bouquets I don't really focus on the points anymore (There is no such thing as a 100 point wine either - beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I still think that the Mona Lisa's smile is a bit wonky, and David's thumbs are too big). 
I focus on the comments and in  Rebecca Gibb's two-liners on our 2016's, I find both elucidation and a very clever line.  The elucidation comes in the second sentence of the A2 review: "Fresh acidity and tense tannins" is right on point with regards our wines - we think it's one of the markers that define us but "an impression of purpose as it progresses through the mouth" stopped me in my tracks. That's it! - that's what we are trying to achieve; seamless, balanced, tense (read exciting) purpose.  If our A2 provokes Ms Gibb MW, to write that then we are on the right track. The Bridget Jones bit is a blindingly fine line - everybody in the western world knows exactly what she means, and I've never even read the Diaries!
When it comes to writing Rebecca is no amateur and the proof of that is in the readability of a fascinating, very entertaining yet highly informative book on the Wines of New Zealand.  Get it here.  The world of wine needs more Rebeccas in it: deep in thought, light on words but all of them honest and so well chosen, a dinner table with her sat at it must be hilarious.
Here are my tasting notes on your wine (I preferred the A2, it appears! FYI I’m not a generous marker so an 89 is damn good):
A2 2016

A full-bodied and supple Pinot Noir offering fresh plum and black cherry fruit with a subtle hint of oak-derived spice. A line of fresh acidity and tense tannins, create an impression of a wine with purpose as it progresses through the mouth. If I'm being picky, I'd like a longer conclusion. 89 points

 A1 2016

Soft and cuddly, this is Pinot that embraces your palate with its welcoming red fruit, full body and gentle, chocolatey tannins. A wine to drink when you're feeling sorry for yourself and in need of a bit of love or having a Bridget Jones moment.  88 points

Safe travels – loved the pants btw.