Current Release

Current vintages 2018 Pinot Noir & 2021 Pinot Noir Blanc.

Bottle size options 750ml, Magnum 1500ml, and Jeroboam 3L can be found in the drill down menu.

2018 A1 Pinot Noir
2018 A2 Pinot Noir
2021 Pinot Noir Blanc

Library Release

These are some of our finest vintages, bottle aged in our cellar in Wanaka, New Zealand ready to drink today.

This stock is in very small supply.

2014 A1 Pinot Noir
2015 A1 Pinot Noir
2016 A1 Pinot Noir
2017 A2 Pinot Noir

Magnum & Jeroboam

There’s an old red wine adage - “The bigger the bottle the better it ages”.

We bottle a very small amount of Magnums every year. Perfect for special events, dinners 
and gifts.

Magnum & Jeroboam Image
Akitu Magnums
Akitu Jeroboams

Mixed Wine Packs

Marvellous Magnums
The Mixed Six
The Bach Pack